Saturday, February 27, 2010

Butlers Irish Chocolate available in Madison NJ

As we approach St. Patrick's Day on March 17th it is only appropriate to highlight Butlers Irish Chocolate.  Their slogan "Purveyors of Happiness" is very fitting to how much our customers enjoy their chocolate.  Following below is just a sampling of their chocolate that we currently have available for purchase:

Sue & Ron's favorite chocolate bar in our entire shoppe is:
Butlers Dark Chocolate Almond & Orange bar - 84% Dark Chocolate with Almond & Orange pieces.
We have trouble keeping enough of these amazing bars on our shelves. 

Butlers White Chocolate Mixed Berry bar - White Chocolate with Mixed Berry pieces.

Butlers Irish Whiskey Truffle Bar - Dark Chocolate with Jameson Irish Whiskey truffle centre.

Butlers Dark Chocolate Selection -  Raspberry Sorbet, Espresso, Double Chocolate, Salt Truffle, Mango, Dark Truffle, Almond Praline, Chocolate Trio, 70% Truffle, Marzipan, Chilli, Mandarin Heart, and Hazelnut Caramel

Butlers Irish Whiskey Truffles -  Milk Chocolate Truffles with Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Butlers Irish Cream Truffles - Milk Chocolate Truffles with Irish Cream Liqueur.

Butlers Famous Irish Truffles - Milk Chocolate Truffles with Irish Cream.

Butlers Honeycomb Crunch - Milk Chocolate with Honeycomb and Crisp Rice Pieces.

Butlers Hazelnut Pralines - Smooth Hazelnut Praline with Crunchy Hazelnut Pieces in a milk chocolate shell.

Butlers Mint Truffles - Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles in a Dark Chocolate Shell